Water Purifying

What is water purification technology?
Water purification technology refers to high-efficiency natural purification technology that improves the performance of the wall's contact oxidation, improving/improving the decomposition and removal efficiency of organic matter within the water system.

Chlorophyll A (CHL-A):
Secures water quality by removing various nutritive salts such as T-N and T-P from the water system.

Turbidity, suspended solid (SS):
Induces ionic reaction mechanism by using biofilm carriers, enhances precipitation, and secures water quality through decomposition of organic matters.

Combination of functional pump room, which is an improved equipment technology, with contact material (carrier) ground and two factors of flora

It shows improved economics by offering single power for water treatment and water facilities

Performance of improving contact oxidation performance and the performance of high efficiency natural purification = novelty

Criteris for water quality : maintaining at least level 3

Functional pumping room can improve operational efficiency and economic benefit.

Improved operational efficiency for facilities controlling room

Principle of technology
It is a technology based on aquatic environment stabilization with fusion and convergence of water treatment and composition method of water space.

Natural purification efficiency
induction technology for aquatic plants

Conventional technology

Problem in continuously maintaining water and circulation performance

Conventional technology

Separate operation of hydroponic facility (fountain, etc.) / water purification facility, problem of accessibility to maintenance for hydroponic facility, no case of integrated operation of various hydroponic facilities, classifed application of dry process / wet

Conventional technology

Ceraco's water purification technology

A9 high efficiency hydroponic induction technology using large plants of various flora such as tall trees, shrubs, and aquatic plants

Ceraco's water purification technology

Complex natural mineral community = Water and circulation performance improvement providing stable vegetation support base = Connection oxidation performance, sustainable maintenance technology, pore expansion / specific surface area expansion, microbial aerobic environment maintenance, high efficiency water purification performance

Ceraco's water purification technology

Simultaneous operation of hydroponic facility (fountain, etc.) / water purification (energy reduction), Use structure of applying the conversion of dry process (land pump) / wet process (submersible pump) (economic efficiency), Integrated
Module Hydroponic park vegetation
Application of induction of high efficiency plant purification through hydroponic vegetationK: Hydroponic roots of plants develop into contact layer to absorb nutritive salts such as nitrogen and phosphorus from lake water that circulates into the inside of the contact layer and remove nutritive salts from lake water ecosystem. In the aerobic environment of the contact trap, lake water with elevated dissolved oxygen is continuously circulated to induce hydroponic root development.

Module functional pump chamber
Integrated operation of water treatment and other water facilities can offer efficient controlling and maintenance.
  • Hydroponic facility can be operated by using power of inline pump, reduction of facility installation cost, facility repair cost, and operating cost (energy), secure water purification function naturally during hydroponic facility operation, Pump is located in water purification area to prevent trouble caused by foreign materials or contaminants.
  • The slider holder for opening and closing is applied to the inline pump strainer (selective water circulation) to divide the type of water source for circulation. Efficient management through use in combination of dry room number / solid room is possible and water source in
  • Reduced maintenance cost including electricity, manpower.
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