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  • Wooden Retaining Wall
  • Wood Debris Barrier
  • Wooden Deck
What is wooden retaining wall?
Environment-friendly technology can be used in city combining natural wood and green vegetation to preserve environment
Inclined angle ⊖≤35° 35° < ⊖≤45° 45° < ⊖≤60° 45° < ⊖≤60°
slope planting method Planting tall trees and shrubs, method of seeding grass seeds Grass seed sprinkle seeding, anti-erosion mats, planting tall trees and shrubs Anti-erosion mat, wire mesh reinforcement and use of grass mix, vine plants, indicator plants, fern plants Patented product using a new method
The reason of inclined wooden retaining wall
Wooden retaining wall can be installed in vertical manner, but it needs to be inclined to maintain green vegetation.
In the vertical construction, a climbing type vegetation using ground-cover plants was used. In the conventional front vegetation, the vegetation mat attached with fescue grass seeds having the shortest grass length was used as the basic type in consideration of the simplicity of work and the aesthetics immediately after construction. Due to the repulsion about and long length of foreign grass, many problems in management of the aesthetics are extruded, and we produce rolled sowing germination Goryeo grass directly.
Construction sequence

Site preparation

foundation work

assembly of Wooden frame

Installation of vegetation mat

Filling with rocks


Case Of Construction
  • 보성 녹차밭 진입도로

  • 광주 서창-나주 남평간 도로

  • 신창지구

  • 한강 살리기 4공구

What is wood debris barrier?
Artificially installed barrier structure made from wood which prevents flooding of debris to downstream

It is good for environment
by replacing concrete with wood.

견고한 목재틀 구조체를 이용한
저사용 목재사방댐

Construction sequence

    STEP 01
    Panel mold unit

    STEP 02
    Conneting the inside of panel mold

    STEP 03
    Reinforcing the outside of panel mold

Case Of Construction
  • 보성군 복내면

  • 서울시 강동구

  • 서울시 강동구

  • 보성 웅치지구

What is wooden deck?
Excellent for walking by using natural wood. It can create beautiful site by using specially treated eco-friendly wood with high durability. Great for walking by reducing radiant heat. In case of land limitation or structural needs, wooden deck can be installed after installing

- Heart rate and fatigue are superior to other building materials and physical burden is less when walking.
- Heart rate (measured after walking A105)
- Concrete〉 vinyl chloride sheet〉 carpet〉 wood
- Perception of fatigue (asking questionis to 263 department store clerks)
- Wood (45%) 〈 Carpet (65%) 〈 Vinyl chloride sheet (75%) 〈 Stone (100%)

    STEP 01
    Ironwork (Yock) installation

    STEP 02
    Underfloor support beam installation (Galvanized square tube)

    STEP 03
    Wood railing installation

    STEP 04
    Wood deck installation

    STEP 05
    Construction completion

Case Of Construction
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